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Bitten Hard

My flyfishing life of big fish, wild waters & crazy dreams

About the book

Bitten Hard is about Jono, how he followed some early paternal advice: 'life is short, you only get one bite of the cherry'. With the fishing bug having bitten hard, he turned his passion into a job. The book takes you on the ride, you can smell, taste and feel Jono’s love for flyfishing, Mother Nature and a good old fireside recollection of the day with drink in hand.

The book spans 50 years on the water, from tussles with monster fish, travel in smokey helicopters, encounters with some scary local wildlife and even scarier human beings. Brought to life by breathtaking imagery from some hugely renowned photographers whose love for nature mirrors Jono’s.

10% of profit from sales of the book will be donated to the two worthy causes Jono supports, the anti poaching unit protecting the last remaining Rhino in the Kruger National Park and fish tagging and research by the University of Mpumalanga, South Africa.


About the Author

Jonathan ( Jono ) Boulton has fished ever since he can remember. His childhood Santa’s list read like a tackle shop inventory. Weekends, school holidays, even university vac’s saw him chest deep in water all day, returning home late, cold, wet, smelling pretty awful and brimming with barely believable tales.

When he became an adult there seemed very little reason to change anything at all. Reading Zoology at University and working in conservation, remote unspoilt Africa was his office, if there was a muddy watering hole or crocodile infested river to throw a line it was heaven. Taking an early decision to follow his passion he taught himself every aspect of flyfishing and turned it into a job. Mastering casting instruction, trout habitat enhancement, retail, guiding, lodge management and eventually adventure travel. Jono takes people flyfishing to all corners of the earth sharing his love of trying to catch challenging fish in wild unspoilt places he desperately hopes will still be around for his kids to see.

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