Bitten Hard – Softcover


Bitten Hard is about Jono, how he followed some early paternal advice: ‘life is short, you only get one bite of the cherry’.

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Bitten Hard by Jonathan Boulton

“My flyfishing life of big fish, wild waters & crazy dreams”

Jonathan Boulton was Bitten Hard by the fishing bug very early on.

In this collection of colourful tales, he takes you on a wonderful journey of flyfishing and life spanning his 50-plus years on the water. Starting with youthful adventures and flowing into life lessons on some of the finest fisheries around the world, his entertaining escapades are intertwined with a sprinkling of learnings from the hard-knocks school of starting your own flyfishing outfitters…

Armed with a degree in Zoology, Jonathan initially pursued a career in conservation, dedicating his time to various reserves. However, his heart always pulled him towards roles that allowed him to cast a line on his days off. Little flowed under that bridge until he made the leap to starting a flyfishing enterprise. The picturesque village of Dullstroom was where he grew a guiding business, managed trout fisheries and opened a fly shop all while dating Sarah, the dairy farmer’s daughter.

Newly married, and wanting to broaden their horizons, Jonathan and Sarah travelled, establishing a remote salmon fishing camp in Russia, working at a renowned fishing operation in the Seychelles and fishing the world together.

Bitten Hard immerses the reader in everything from misadventures in the tundra, through tactics to avoid bites from unfriendly fish and toothy reptiles, to free-diving to untangle giant Nile perch in Egypt, all with the help of stunning images from globally renowned photographers.

“I have huge respect for anglers willing to travel long distances and who are unafraid to face a high chance for failure, I am grateful that Jono is one of them.”

– Jeff Currier

Softcover. First published 2024.

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